2013-14 Annual Colorado School Library Survey Highlights – Library Research Service

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The Colorado School Library Survey is administered each year by the Library Research Service, an office of the Colorado State Library. Surveys are sent to traditional K-12 public educational institutions. Statewide estimates are produced by weighting survey data to reflect the universe of school libraries in Colorado. Survey responses are totals based on results from the school library staff who participated in the survey. This report highlights results from the 2013-14 Colorado School Library Survey. Printable version 2012-13 Annual Colorado School Library Survey Highlights

lyn_hay‘s insight:

Note the top 5 teaching approaches employed by qualified teacher librarians in these schools:


* help students use a variety of sources when information-gathering

* teach students how to use digital resources

* help students use technology to organise and share information

* help students apply critical-thinking skills

* facilitate opportunities for student-led inquiry

Also note the dramatic increase in ebooks as part of the school library collection with 88% of school libraries providing wireless internet access.


All of the above findings highlight the trends of a ‘connected school library’.

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Leading Learning: Standards of Practice for School Library Learning Commons in Canada, 2014

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Standards of Practice for School Libraries in Canada from the Voices for School Libraries Network of the Canadian Library Association

lyn_hay‘s insight:

This is an important and timely document for teacher librarians worldwide. This document presents a vision-building blueprint for school communities to transform their school library into a 21C learning centre. Strengths of this document include the standards framework for building a vision, and the transitional growth continuum of indicators of success from Exploring through to Leading – this is brilliant!

This is a must read for all school library professionals and principals.

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Mt Alvernia iCentre presentation at Edutech [YouTube]

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This video is about iCentreedutech

lyn_hay‘s insight:

Congratulations to Helen Stower and Kathryn Schravemade for their work in transforming their school library into an iCentre. This video demonstrates the impact the iCentre team has made across staff and students in the school. The complete journey is outlined at http://mtaicentre.weebly.com/. Highly recommend you explore this website for inspiration if in the process of visioning your school library’s future.

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Now is the time! My keynote address at Northern Sydney TLs Conference, 15 May 2014

I had a lovely morning in the northern suburbs of Sydney today, connecting with so many of my teacher librarianship graduates from Charles Sturt University. When you work as a lecturer for close on 20 years, it is not difficult to help ‘populate your profession’ as I have done!!

I also enjoyed connecting with this group of 100 TLs in my new capacity as Head of Professional Learning for Syba Academy.

Here’s my slides:

My main message was to ‘unthink the way you live and work’ and rediscover yourself. The introduction of the Australian Curriculum provides teacher librarians with many rich opportunities to establish or invigorate their teaching role. This presentation explores the richness that inquiry learning offers as an interdisciplinary approach to support students in exploring the world, and developing important critical and creative skills, understandings and dispositions along the way.

School libraries: using data to boost student literacy

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Librarian Adam Lancaster explains how his school used tracking data and reading quizzes to support reluctant readers

lyn_hay‘s insight:

This article provides some concrete ways that a school library program can use data to support the progress of reluctant readers and their improvement in literacy development.

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School Libraries The heart of a reading culture Hurupaki School – YouTube

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lyn_hay‘s insight:

This is such a powerful 5 minute video on the impact of the school library on students’ reading ability and their motivation and interest in reading. It also demonstrates the power of having a school principal with a teacher librarianship background. The claims made by these school community members is backed up by school-based data and the improvement in students’ behaviour as readers and literary learners.

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What’s in a Makerspace? – Evidence of school library impact by school principal

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“In this post, Eric Sheninger describes the secrets to New Milford High School’s Makerspace, and how every school can build a Makerspace.”

lyn_hay‘s insight:

Eric Sheninger is one of those school principals you’d just love to clone. What I like about this article is that it is the school principal  (not the teacher librarian) who is publishing evidence of his school library’s impact on student learning.  


And his conclusion says it all!! "The Makerspace in the library is an oasis for student self-directed learning. It serves as a rejuvenation center for inspiring of love for both formal and informal learning. In my opinion, a space like this should be a priority for all schools in the twenty-first century; and you do not have to break the bank to create one."


This vision of a makerspace as place and program fits well with my iCentre concept for schools – see http://studentslearn.wordpress.com/about/about-icentres/ for details.

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