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Should we be worried about filtering?

As teacher librarians one of our roles is to develop a vitual library of websites that teachers and students can refer to while studying.  How should we react after being told about a great website or web 2.0 app only to find that it has been blocked by our education system’s filtering mechanisms?  Do we just accept that the powers-that-be know best or do we strive for change?  In a recent article in ZDNet a teacher librarian makes the case that the filtering system of the NSW DET is too harsh and blocks the use of educationally sound learning opportunities.

Here is a link to the article in question as as TLs we need to think through these issues carefully.  What I do like about the article is that the ‘other side’ offers its reasons as why it blocks sites and web 2.0 apps.


Now that address is rather long and unwieldly so I am adding an ICT tip here.  The address can also be printed as

http://tinyurl.com/awuk9t  To find out more, visit www.tinyurl.com to find out how to make long addresses much easier to use.


If you have thoughts or would like to make a comment please add them to this posting.  It is an issue we must all address.