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PBL supports development of 21C skills

This recently released School News Special Report (January 2009) on project-based learning (PBL) demonstrates how PBL can help students develop such 21st-century skills as “problem solving, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity”. Executive Director of the Buck Institute, John Mergendoller highlights the authentic learning principles underpinning PBL which:

…engages students’ interest and motivates them to learn. One of the main reasons kids drop out of school is because they’re bored. With project-based learning, students are encouraged to explore their own interests and to make connections to the world beyond school.

The report also identifies how technology is becoming more integral to PBL as well as the development of students’ information skills. I recommend students read this report while exploring the concepts of resource-based learning, inquiry learning  and information literacy (Topic 4) in ETL401. Feel free to add your views here on the value of PBL in developing students’  21st century.