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Creativity …. and Michael Caine

Are we creative enough?  If we do regard ourselves as creative, in what areas do we have our strengths?  Personally I don’t regard myself as a creative person and admire those who are.  I especially love watching good actors act.  I love the theatre, particularly live theatre and a good movie can also be up there as well. But are our schools creative?  Are we creative?

I have added a link below to a short (17 min) speech given by Sir Ted Robinson in 2006 which has become one the most watched videos on the internet.  One reviewer commented that you stop whatever you are doing and watch this.  I would agree.  Sir Ted challenges us to think about creativity and asks if our schools are killing it.

It made me stop and think about my own school and I was pleased that I could say that we were a creative school.  Students had opportunities to dance (we were regulars inthe State Schools Spectacular and one of our ex-students went on to be a Banana in a Pyjama for a short while), compete in sporting events ( we were State Softball champions two years running) as well as debating, Tournament of the Minds, etc.

What it did make me do was to seriously consider how creative I was as a teacher.  Were my lessons not only crafted to produce success but were they engaging my students interest in a meaningful and creative way?  I tried a few different approaches – some were successful while other not so.  That did not matter as it was only my ego that was affected and I did learn to think beyond the usual style I had been using for awhile.

After watching Sir Ted’s video a few times I gained more confidence and felt that I was achieving my objectives.  I could see it in my students’ faces as they entered the library – no more heads down but some actually seemed to keen to be there.  It certainly gave me a lift.

Sir Ted’s speech is entertaining and profound.  It can be downloaded in mp4 (video) format into itunes and loaded onto your ipod.  I have it on mine and look at it regularly.  I would encourage the same of others in the course.

And Michael Caine – I think Sir Ted must be Michael’s brother.