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Twitter goes mainstream

TODAY on Twitter

TODAY on Twitter

Anyone who woke up to Channel 9’s The Today Show on Monday morning would have seen Karl and Charlie’s segment introducing viewers to Today’s new presence on Twitter. Interesting to see this was about one month after Seven’s Sunrise program started tweeting. Sinclair’s recent article in The Australian provides an overview of how Australia’s media companies have ’embraced’ Twitter as another way to connect with their audience. What’s interesting (and not surprising?) is that a number of ABC TV & radio shows have been early adopters of Twitter, tweeting their news feeds to a growing number of fans over the past few months. Check out this A-Z listing of Australian media using Twitter – it gives you an idea of the breadth of media users to date.

So has Twitter gone mainstream? Only yesterday, a Twitter tag was added to YouTube’s suite of share tags. Methinx, it’s here to stay, for now. What I’d love to find out, is how many of our CSU TL students have Twitter accounts yet. If you are a Twitter user, please share with us the reasons why you have added this to your personal Web 2.0 toolkit.

Should we be worried about filtering?

As teacher librarians one of our roles is to develop a vitual library of websites that teachers and students can refer to while studying.  How should we react after being told about a great website or web 2.0 app only to find that it has been blocked by our education system’s filtering mechanisms?  Do we just accept that the powers-that-be know best or do we strive for change?  In a recent article in ZDNet a teacher librarian makes the case that the filtering system of the NSW DET is too harsh and blocks the use of educationally sound learning opportunities.

Here is a link to the article in question as as TLs we need to think through these issues carefully.  What I do like about the article is that the ‘other side’ offers its reasons as why it blocks sites and web 2.0 apps.


Now that address is rather long and unwieldly so I am adding an ICT tip here.  The address can also be printed as

http://tinyurl.com/awuk9t  To find out more, visit www.tinyurl.com to find out how to make long addresses much easier to use.


If you have thoughts or would like to make a comment please add them to this posting.  It is an issue we must all address.

Keeping Informed

At the recent workshops and on forum postings several people have mentioned that they are ‘new’ to ICTs and 10-thingseverything associated with technology. There is certainly a lot to learn and no central repository of knowledge that we can tap into that has everything. It is up to us as individuals to to do what we can to keep abreast of new ideas. It is something that both Lyn and I must do in our roles also.

Often the newspapers have sections that outline the newest and latest ideas and gadgets. I have included a link below to an article in today’s SMH (probably also in The Age) that may be useful.

Keep your eye on the IT sections of the major newspapers, and especially the IT section of The Australian, for news and views.