AASL 2015 Conference Presentation

This week I am presenting a workshop on evidence-based practice with my colleague Dr Ross Todd at the AASL 2015 Conference in Columbus, Ohio. Participants are invited to develop a plan of action for gathering, analysing, documenting and sharing local evidence of the impact of their school library program on student learning.


Download a pdf of our presentation here

Download the template EBP Action Plan Nov 2015 here

Case study on teacher union partnership with school library association to support status of school libraries in British Columbia

Very few states or provinces in the US, Canada and Australia still have this kind of active partnership between the teachers’ union and the school library professional association.ewbank-report2015 But this case study shows how difficult even teacher unions find it to advocate for school library positions in schools. Although, one advantage of union support is the union’s access to school-based data on staffing etc. Well worth a read if you are fortunate to be working in an education system with teacher union support.


Ewbank, Ann Dutton. (2015). Union-Active School Librarians and School Library Advocacy: A Modified Case Study of the British Columbia Teacher-Librarians’ Association and the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation. American Association of School Librarians, Vol.18. Retrieved http://www.ala.org/aasl/sites/ala.org.aasl/files/content/aaslpubsandjournals/slr/vol18/SLR_UnionActiveSchoolLib_V18.pdf

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Washington State School Library Impact Study: the full report

I am currently presenting at the Washington Library Media Association Conference in Yakima, WA. I attended an excellent panel session of TLs and administrators who discussed district- and state-based evidence-building and advocacy initiatives.wlma-impactreport2015

This the latest school library impact study from the United States documenting evidence of school libraries and teacher librarians on student achievement. A must read for all TLs, no matter what state or country you come from!

Washington State is certainly looking pretty healthy in terms of school library and TLship growth. Way to go WA!!

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Washington Study Further Ties Quality Library Programs to Student Success | School Library Journal

Another school library impact study demonstrating the contribution school libraries and TLs make to student achievement.

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Informing instructional design with theory & practice

I came across this book while browsing on ISSUU today and it really resonated with me as I have been working with some teachers in designing new curriculum units to open up their classrooms to more inquiry-based learning and encouraging their students to lead individual and group-based inquiry experiences.

It is important for us as educators to be able to effectively articulate the implications of learning theory on our practice. This demonstrates informed instructional design – its not all about the ‘what’, its also about the ‘why’.

The 2nd edition of ‘How We learn, What We Learn’ by Kate Atkins and Neil Hopkin provides teachers with a concise overview of learning theory that can underpin our pedagogical practice in 21st century schools.

The Maker Issue | SLJ 2015 | School Library Journal

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This is a must-read for all teacher librarians. The School Library Journal’s Maker Issue for 2015 provides advice on designing maker programs in schools and provides our profession with examples of how to build evidence of school library impact on student learning through maker programs.

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They’re Not Just Librarians Anymore – YouTube

Learn a bit about the world of Jeffco’s Digital Teacher Librarians. #Jeffco2015 Subscribe to JPS-TV today: http://bit.ly/1Ea8BVw Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1D...

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A short video promoting the role of the Digital Teacher Librarian positions installed in each of Jefferson County’s Public School, Colorado. 

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