Colorado’s new Highly Effective School Library Program (HESLP) Rubric


This rubric uses the performance scale of Basic – Partially Proficient – Proficient – Accomplished – Exemplary, with descriptors for each level. I think this can be used to assist teacher librarians in developing their role and responsibility statement, informing their professional learning plan for the year, and identifying the types of evidence they need to demonstrate performance per level.

It is certainly a powerful document to help inform a conversation between a TL and their principal, particularly with regard to the TL role as a teacher. Here is what Becky Russell, 21st Century Skills Instructional Specialist from Colorado had to say about it on the Knowledge Quest blog:

“The new HESLP rubric is designed to foster partnerships and collaborations based on mutual support and ongoing dialogue between teacher-librarians and their administrators…
This revised rubric highlights student-centered learning, emphasized in the Colorado Academic and Common Core Standards. Teacher-librarians can use the rubric to identify where they can have a greater impact on student learning…
This 2016 rubric represents a change in thinking about how teacher-librarians and library programs are viewed and valued. This rubric emphasizes teacher leadership and values collaboration among administrators, staff, students and the community—shifting the view from that of a support role to that of a guide for staff and students to transform learning practice. Most importantly, it also opens the conversation for how teachers and teacher-librarians are designing student-centric learning opportunities and collecting evidence of their impact on student learning.” Source:

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See on Scoop.itStudent Learning through School Libraries

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