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A Head Teacher’s Thoughts on Leadership and School Libraries – Pedagog Malmö

Via Scoop.itStudent Learning through School Libraries
This interview with a Principal of a school in Sweden demonstrates the critical role of the principal in supporting school libraries to assist them in playing a significant role in supporting student learning. (Note the term Head Teacher is used for school principals in a number of European countries).

Here’s some sound advice for any newly trained teacher librarians about to commence their work as a TL in Term 1, 2012 from this principal regarding the TL role:

“I think it’s important that they (TLs) are visible. Teachers are like actors. You’re up on stage every lesson. They’re strong personalities. As a librarian, you also have to be seen. You have to be an extrovert, whether you are as a person or not. Otherwise you’re just going to get ignored. Once the librarian is visible, the next phase begins, where s/he teaches scientific method, language development and information literacy.”

Edward Jensinger also provides advice to principals planning a school library:

“Firstly, you have to decide what the purpose of having a school library is… The aim must always be for the students to get better results… what you need is an active teaching librarian.”

Good luck to all of our 2011 Master of Education (Teacher Librarianship) graduates who are starting their journey as practising TLs in 2012.
BE VISIBLE from Day 1 🙂

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