The South Carolina School Library Impact Study

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This portal provides access to the Phase 1 and Phase 2 reports of the ‘The Impact of School Librarians and Library Programs on Academic Achievement of Students: The South Carolina Study’ commissioned by the South Carolina Association of School Librarians (SCASL). The infographic briefly summarising school library impacts is very effective and I would like to see further research reports on school library impact developing an infographic as part of their executive summary.

I was particularly interested in the results of the administrator, teacher and school librarian surveys (reported in the Phase 2 report), where the three educator groups consistently endorsed instructional collaboration between

librarians and teachers and, school librarians "serving as teachers of new information skills to classroom teachers".


The majority of administrators surveyed considered instructional collaboration essential, and supported flexible scheduling of school library access and consideration of collaboration when evaluating teachers. 


Teachers and the school librarians also associated the frequency of collaboration-related activities with their assessments of library teaching of state standards. Other collaborative activities noted as important in school library programs included the provision of class visits on a flexible schedule, individual students being allowed to visit the library during class time, and teacher-initiated collaboration with librarians in classrooms, and librarians teaching new skills to teachers.

I highly recommend all teacher librarians, no matter what state or country you work in, to examine the findings from Phase 2 to assist in strengthening your role as a teacher and collaborator of learning, as well as gaining insights into developing a greater partnership with your school principal/administrator as a team who leads learning.

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