2013-14 Annual Colorado School Library Survey Highlights – Library Research Service

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The Colorado School Library Survey is administered each year by the Library Research Service, an office of the Colorado State Library. Surveys are sent to traditional K-12 public educational institutions. Statewide estimates are produced by weighting survey data to reflect the universe of school libraries in Colorado. Survey responses are totals based on results from the school library staff who participated in the survey. This report highlights results from the 2013-14 Colorado School Library Survey. Printable version 2012-13 Annual Colorado School Library Survey Highlights

lyn_hay‘s insight:

Note the top 5 teaching approaches employed by qualified teacher librarians in these schools:


* help students use a variety of sources when information-gathering

* teach students how to use digital resources

* help students use technology to organise and share information

* help students apply critical-thinking skills

* facilitate opportunities for student-led inquiry

Also note the dramatic increase in ebooks as part of the school library collection with 88% of school libraries providing wireless internet access.


All of the above findings highlight the trends of a ‘connected school library’.

See on www.lrs.org

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