What’s in a Makerspace? – Evidence of school library impact by school principal

See on Scoop.itStudent Learning through School Libraries

“In this post, Eric Sheninger describes the secrets to New Milford High School’s Makerspace, and how every school can build a Makerspace.”

lyn_hay‘s insight:

Eric Sheninger is one of those school principals you’d just love to clone. What I like about this article is that it is the school principal  (not the teacher librarian) who is publishing evidence of his school library’s impact on student learning.  


And his conclusion says it all!! "The Makerspace in the library is an oasis for student self-directed learning. It serves as a rejuvenation center for inspiring of love for both formal and informal learning. In my opinion, a space like this should be a priority for all schools in the twenty-first century; and you do not have to break the bank to create one."


This vision of a makerspace as place and program fits well with my iCentre concept for schools – see https://studentslearn.wordpress.com/about/about-icentres/ for details.

See on corwin-connect.com

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