SCIS | School library collections survey 2013

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In 2013 SCIS conducted an online survey of Australian school library staff to find out more about the state of school library collections. Clare Kennedy reports on the survey results.

lyn_hay‘s insight:

This article outlines the major issues identified by 300 Australian school library staff. The strongest concerns of school library staff were the lack of adequate funding for resources and the lack of time and qualified personnel available to provide a high standard of service, with primary schools more likely to cite budget and staffing constraints. Also of note was concern of school library staff in being able to effectively support the resourcing of the new Australian Curriculum, with over half of the schools stating they had difficulty finding age- and curriculum-appropriate resources was a substantial access issue. One major challenge currently facing school library staff is how to manage the growing number of digital resources for those who have access to funds. However, there is also growing concern of smaller schools and primary schools being left behind with regard to digital resource provision.

It would be great to see more teacher librarians taking the time to complete this survey at the end of 2014 to help our profession gain a better understanding of the true status of school library collections in Australia’s schools.

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