2013 Australian School Library Survey Report by Softlink

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softlink2013survey-small2013 Australian School Library Survey – Key findings link school library resourcing to literacy

lyn_hay‘s insight:

You can download the full 27 page report of the 2013 school library survey from http://www.softlinkint.com/2013-australian-school-library-survey-schools/

This is Softlink’s fourth annual Australian School Library Survey. I am so pleased to see that Softlink continue to conduct these surveys and publish these reports – the Australian teacher librarian profession needs this kind of local evidence to demonstrate the integral role of school libraries in supporting student learning.

Over 800 school libraries are represented in the 2013 survey, which is great. BUT, given that Softlink claims that over 50% of Australian school libraries use their products and services and Australia has more than 10,000 schools, why wouldn’t more teacher librarians be willing to take the time to complete this annual survey. When is the culture of our profession going to change. Hello!!! we need your school library data to help build a more accurate picture of the status of school libraries and the TL profession.

So now I’ve got that off my chest…
Principal findings from the 2013 Softlink Australian School Library Survey include:

* There was a significant positive correlation between the annual school library budgets and NAPLAN Reading Literacy results
* There was a significant positive correlation between the number of sshool librarians employed in school librar ies and NAPLAN Reading Literacy results
* 81% of all school library budgets either remained unchanged or declined in 2013
* A higher percentage of Government school libraries experienced budget decreases than Catholic or Independent school libraries
* 28% of schools reported a decrease in library staffing in 2013 with 63% of all schools surveyed stating that there had been no change
* More than a quarter of respondent schools have purchased eBooks in the past year (28%) and 55% of respondents indicated they will
“definitely” or “most probably” purchase eBooks within the next 12 months
* 44% of teacher librarians said half or more of their student population owned a personal mobile device (iPod, iPad, smart phone or other tablet) a growth of 7% from 2012 (37%)
* 14% of schools surveyed allowed student access to social media inside and outside the classroom

I was also interested in the summary on page 26 of User Driven Technology Trends Impacting School Libraries during 2013/2014. Survey participants were asked to provide the main technology trends that impact their school library. The most common impacts were reported as:

* eBooks and eReaders
* Tablets, iPads and Smartphones
* Apps and App management
* Digital devices loaned through library
* Student WiFi access
* Social media access and management
* Cloud computing

These findings clearly show that school libraries are embracing the digital!!

This report is a must read for all Australian teacher librarians. And please, when the call comes out for TLs to complete the 2014 Softlink survey, invest the time to add your school library data to Softlink’s data pool.

See on www.softlinkint.com

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