Primary Teacher of the Year | Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership

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Last week we saw a Washington TL receive his state-based teaching excellence award, and this week Australian teacher librarians are shouting from the rooftop the accolades of Jo Sherrin, a teacher librarian from the Northern Territory who has been announced the winner of the AITSL Primary Teacher of the Year. AISTL is the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership. Each year a primary teacher, secondary teacher, primary school principal and secondary school principal are awarded in recognition of their work as an outstanding teacher and leader within their school. Jo has been recognised as “a highly accomplished and innovative teacher-librarian who consistently creates learning opportunities to meet the diverse learning needs of the Bradshaw Primary School community, of which 50 percent are Indigenous students. Jo’s outstanding teaching, particularly in foundational literacy skills, is based on sound educational research, a thorough knowledge of her students and the use of cultural and geographical experiences which connect students with their heritage and history and nurture a love of literature and learning”. This is a powerful example of the teaching role of the TL in a school. To receive such recognition of excellence at the national level is an outstanding achievement.
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