Librarian’s Manifesto

As teacher librarians, what do we believe our role to be?  Are we teachers, librarians, somewhere in between or something else?  We know what many of our teaching colleagues may think.  Sometimes our role can be misunderstood while at other times our role is regarded as vital within the school and the learning environment.

Below is a link to a video on teachertube so it should not be blocked by system filters on what one teacher librarian believes her role to be through her manifesto of a Librarian 2.0.  It makes thoughtful reading, especially for me the idea of understanding how my studetns learn and working in that environment, even though it may be different than my own.


6 responses to “Librarian’s Manifesto

  1. This presentation was very inspiring, especially in the light of what we are about to embark on in our 401 Assignment – overcoming an obstacle in our school. As in my case the obstacle is real and in need of addressing, I will take with me those words of encouragement and motivation.

  2. Wow! An empowering filmclip for the everchanging but vital role of the TL and for the future of libraries.

  3. Beautifully presented, thoughtful statements – goes well with the David Warlick podcast on Library 2.0

  4. Wendy Schmidt

    Kept thinking of who else in my work environment needed to see this… right up to the part about not waiting till hings are perfect untill you release them. mmm… think I need to let that web site baby go out into the big wide world now… or atleast let leadership see it 🙂

  5. Judy Bolton

    This is the second time that I’ve seen this clip….. and it’s just as impressive the second time around. I know that improving my Web 2.0 expertise is probably my most pressing challenge in my T/L role (I feel like the metallic dinosaur viewed in Frame 3!). This is both challenging and inspiring.

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