Twitter goes mainstream

TODAY on Twitter

TODAY on Twitter

Anyone who woke up to Channel 9’s The Today Show on Monday morning would have seen Karl and Charlie’s segment introducing viewers to Today’s new presence on Twitter. Interesting to see this was about one month after Seven’s Sunrise program started tweeting. Sinclair’s recent article in The Australian provides an overview of how Australia’s media companies have ’embraced’ Twitter as another way to connect with their audience. What’s interesting (and not surprising?) is that a number of ABC TV & radio shows have been early adopters of Twitter, tweeting their news feeds to a growing number of fans over the past few months. Check out this A-Z listing of Australian media using Twitter – it gives you an idea of the breadth of media users to date.

So has Twitter gone mainstream? Only yesterday, a Twitter tag was added to YouTube’s suite of share tags. Methinx, it’s here to stay, for now. What I’d love to find out, is how many of our CSU TL students have Twitter accounts yet. If you are a Twitter user, please share with us the reasons why you have added this to your personal Web 2.0 toolkit.

2 responses to “Twitter goes mainstream

  1. Yes, I have to admit I have a twitter account. Not that I’m using it a lot, but I recently went to the CBCA website and there was the message “follow us on twitter”. So what do you do: you sign up for twitter….!! Problem is that it does waste a lot of your time, together with emails and Facebook or Hyves etc. I am supposed to be studying now, but you see what happens….??!!

  2. Rhona Polonsky

    I have a twitter account and also don’t use it that much. Many teachers and TL I know say they are able to reach out to others for instant information. I wonder how do you get great information in 140 characters or less?

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