Keeping Informed

At the recent workshops and on forum postings several people have mentioned that they are ‘new’ to ICTs and 10-thingseverything associated with technology. There is certainly a lot to learn and no central repository of knowledge that we can tap into that has everything. It is up to us as individuals to to do what we can to keep abreast of new ideas. It is something that both Lyn and I must do in our roles also.

Often the newspapers have sections that outline the newest and latest ideas and gadgets. I have included a link below to an article in today’s SMH (probably also in The Age) that may be useful.

Keep your eye on the IT sections of the major newspapers, and especially the IT section of The Australian, for news and views.

2 responses to “Keeping Informed

  1. Judy Bolton

    Roy, I understand the necessity of being more ICT literate and feel strongly that I must improve my skills. If you’ll excuse the analogy to follow:

    As I have (self-confessedly!) missed the ICT bus’ first “tour”, I find that now that I have “hopped on” the next bus to come past, I’m bemused by so much of what I see and can’t understand/comprehend. I feel like I need to go back to the depot and get on a basic bus that explains what things are and how to use them. Then I would be very much happier to be creative and try what is “out there”. So I need a “where to go” for a basic intro…. I know that I can probably find this on the www; the next critical issue is TIME! I’ll just keep hailing the buses that go past and hopefully I’ll find my way to the destination!

  2. Cathy Atkinson

    It is hard for those of us who have been on the bus for quite a while to keep up with all the innovations and new aspects of the technology! Sometimes it feels like you could drown in all the accessible data!

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