In today’s (3/3/09) SMH Technology section there is an interesting feature on the use of Kindle, an e-book reader and a challenge by authors to a feature that Amazon is including.


One response to “E-books

  1. Hi Roy, thanks for sharing this article. I think text-2-voice conversion has been a relative standard practice for individuals with vision impairment and are encouraged by organisations who provide support in the use of adaptive technologies to assist sight impaired people with access to information and enhance their capacity to communicate with others in a Web-based world which has been principally text/image based. My concern is that up until now, the use of such adaptive programs and devices has been encouraged to support those with special needs, but now these types of technologies are becoming more attractive to our increasingly digital/mobile society… now that ‘the masses’ want to tap into the affordances of such technologies, are we now seeing a shifting of the goalposts?

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