Welcome to the Student Learning through School Libraries blog

This blog has been created by Lyn Hay and Roy Crotty to engage with students enrolled in Charles Sturt University’s postgraduate teacher librarianship programs. Throughout each of the subjects taught within our Graduate Certificate and Masters courses in TLship, a major theme that is addressed is the important function of the school library in supporting student learning. This blog will be used to share new research and literature highlighting the many ways school libraries support teaching and learning in schools. It will provide a commentary on new resources and ideas, emerging theories and technologies, and best practice in teacher librarianship. We look forward to sharing our learning journey with you.

6 responses to “Welcome to the Student Learning through School Libraries blog

  1. Judy Bolton

    Thank you for the excellent model Lyn and Roy! I am enjoying my navigation of your blog, reading the material included so far and (as a “novice blogger”) also learning what it takes to create one at the same time.

  2. Emily Williams

    Well it is good to see that you two are blogging as well. I must say your blog page looks great.

    See how your tags on the right hand side look a little messy – that’s my problem on my page too… I don’t like how it all rolls into each line overlapping – how do you fix this?

    Emily Williams

  3. Hi Judy and Emily, thanks for taking the time to comment on our new look blog. This will become an important leasrning space to share emerging/hot-off-the-press stuff.

    Emily, don’t get too stressed about your tag cloud. The more tags you develop the better it will look. If you don’t like it ATM you can always turn off the tag cloud option and just have your tags presented as a list. Check your block settings.

  4. Suzanne Butler

    I like the setting out,well done does ours have to be this complicated or will a simple journal do.

  5. riddleywalker

    I’m working on it – time limited but at least my Blog exists.

    Thank you for this Blog.

    Anne Olsen

  6. Thanks Lyn and Roy,

    Mine is up and running, although at this stage it really is more of a journal rather than anything else. I am aware that it will be a repository for our thoughts and reflections and as such will be a rather personal account. Therefore the tags we create are really there for our personal reflection and not to be made public unless we choose to. Is that correct?

    In a school setting we would naturally be inviting discussion and comment, right?

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